Add services

The folowing services meke up a important add value and justify our wish to be “more than a place”. This services are made to make easier your holidays since tour arrive to Cuba to the end of your trip.


HOSTAL PEREGRINO offers some personalized services to make easier your trip in Cuba. You can see here a brief description of these services.

  • Picking up service: A professional driver with official license will pick you up at the airport. It is a safe, easy and customized beginning. If you choose this option you will be met at the airport lobby, where you must look for the person who has a poster with your names. Price of the service from Havana airport: 30.00 € one way (the price includes the waiting time). For airport picking up service from other airport, please, contact us directly.

  • Laundry: The price of the service is per amount of clothe.

  • Breakfast:Available on request. Breakfast includes juice, fruits, bread, butter, honey, pastry, milk, coffee, tea, yogurt, omelette, ham, vegetables, hot chocalate, and pancakes. The price is 4.00 CUC per person.

  • Cocktails.

  • Snack.

  • Citytur:This is a very good option of knowing La Habana and its history: a professional guide takes you in a personalized trip to see not only the places, but also the history behind the city.


    The main routes are: discovering the historical center (a walking tour into the four main squares), visiting New Havana (going by car to Vedado: a guided tour to Plaza de La Revolución, University, Necrópolis de Colon, La Rampa), the other side of the harbour ( going by car to Cojimar, organoponico de Alamar and to the Morro Cabaña Military Historical Park, where you can have an spectacular view of the city and the famous soviets missiles of the October Crisis).You can tailor your own trip combining places or itineraries from different routes.


    Price: For one person: 10.00 cuc per person per hour, for two person: 7.50 cuc per person per hour; for three or more people: 5.00 cuc per person, per hour.

  • Car + driver service:The chauffeured car option lets you enjoy truly extraordinary interesting travel places. You will discover places off the main tourist routes, which can only get there with a personalized and secure car service. The trip is in a vintage car of the 50s, with all the comfort and glamour that characterizes it but with extra facilities such as air conditioner and music. It is driven by a professional driver who knows the places to be visited. It is completely safe; your belongings are carefully maintained. It is very comfortable to carry the luggage. Do not waste time waiting at the bus stations and can decide the places you want to stop along the route. Not only is the connection between cities, but also as a journey to find interesting places along the way. There are different options of this rip:

    – Rounds trips, a day or more trip to visit a place or an area.

    – Intercity , It is a trip go form one city to the next destination, including several stops in interesting places on the road.

    – Car + driver hiring for a period of time.