Must Know

Useful information

  • Lost luggage is quite common, as everywhere in the world, but since there usually one flight per day, its arrival might be delayed. Much better to have some important stuff in your handbag or share something between luggage of two if possible.
  • Pesos convertibles (CUC) is the only accepted currency in Cuba. You can get it from Euros, sterling pounds, Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos or Swiss francs.
  • To know currency visit One cuc means one usd regarding money exchange into other currencies.
  • Make sure that your card works in Cuba, not only the type of card, but also the bank (it might be that the bank belongs to any American holding).
  • Cuba is generally speaking noisy. Much better to bring earplugs.
  • Remember to bring some products you might use (hard to find here) like sun block, medicines (analgesics, bandages, anti diarrheic or flu, etc) batteries for your equipments, etc. Feel free to ask for more info about it.
  • Make a photocopy of the passport, so you can leave the passport in the room and just take the copy with you while you are in the street.
  • If you need to know something about item you are planning to bring, just visit



  • The price is NOT PER PERSON, is per an entire room.


Privacy Policy

Relocation policy

HOSTAL PEREGRINO is strictly respectful about all the bookings. Unless in exceptional conditions (hurricanes, earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic eruption, epidemic, war, etc), commonly understandable, we never change any reservation. On the other hand, as part of our professional service, we never abandon any customer in case of emergency, including a longer staying. But in such cases, the solution cannot affect the other bookings. Therefore, if there is no availabilities in the hostal, we need to relocate the customer finding the best alternatives.

About visitors

Hostal Peregrino doesn’t allow overnight local visitors. We believe it is very important to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all our guests, and having a policy which allows local overnight visitors compromises this belief. This is a family house and we want to keep this image. On the other hand, a regular couple of foreigners and/or locals is acceptable and they can be officially registered as another regular guest.

About payment and cancellation policy

The reservation must be confirmed with no less than 7 days before the check in date by a non-refundable deposit. The amount of the payment is the price of the first night of accommodation in the hostal. If this procedure is not made, the booking will be automatically cancelled. The rest of the price for the staying will be paid with cash at arrival.

In case of any change in the booking, the prepayment is valid if the change is made up to 72 hours or more prior to the check in date. The changes depend also on the availabilities.

Check-in and Check-out

Check in time is between 2:00pm. Check out time is at noon (12:00 hrs).Check in could be earlier only if the room is already available. The check in time is not limited in case of late arrival. Late checkout is possible, depending of availabilities. It might be discussed directly in the hostal. It should require an extra payment. After check out time we can keep the luggage in a common area of the hostal under supervision.